Budding Reader

Budding ReaderBudding Reader is an independent publisher which aims to make learning to read easier and more fun for children, especially reluctant readers. Budding Reader have partnered with the World Literacy Foundation to provide a series of 5 e-Books to disadvantaged children in the developing world. The readers are designed to introduce words to a child’s vocabulary through a step by step process.

Each book introduces a key vowel sound and has downloadable worksheets to further reinforce what the child has learnt. By reading all 5 books sets, a child will add 50 words to their vocabulary and build literacy skill.

Budding Reader e-books are built on a set of research-based principles from the National Reading Panel, where the books incorporate colourful illustrations and an intriguing storylines to engage children, build literacy skill and make reading enjoyable.

For more information on Budding Reader visit http://buddingreader.com/

The program is available to selected aid agencies, charities, schools and communities working in developing regions to improve literacy standards. For more information on this program please contact us at info@worldliteracyfoundation.org with
“Budding Reader” in the subject line.


E3 Imagine

E3 Imagine

E3 imagine is an organisation that offers a wide range of educational products for children. They have set out to create and give books to kids, about kids, from all over the world using both traditional and interactive e-book methods.

Earlier this year, E3 imagine partnered with the World Literacy Foundation to promote the World Literacy Summit in Oxford. Incorporating the 3 fundamental principles to their book company- Enlarge the souls, Enlighten the understanding , Expand the minds- E3 Imagine  created an informative video  based on the Summit theme of ‘ From Poverty to Literacy to a better Future’. The video featured a number of statistics surrounding the global illiteracy crisis and was a key component to the summit where it was featured at the Opening Ceremony.

The team at E3 Imagine documented the entire summit event in Oxford through photographs and numerous interviews with key speakers. This material has enabled the foundation to further create awareness and build relationships with other organisations.

For more information on E3 imagine visit http://www.e3imagine.com
For links to the Summit videos by E3 Imagine go to http://www.youtube.com/worldlitfoundation
For links to Summit photos by E3 Imagine go to http://www.flickr.com/worldliteracyfoundtion


Teach the World to Read

Teach the World to Read

The World Literacy Foundation has partnered with Teach the World to Read to provide a world-class evidence-based reading resource to developing countries.

The ‘Fantastic Phonics’ resource, which has been independently tested by USAID, is a complete learn to read program. The program includes over 60 phonic readers that guide children from the first steps of reading to competent literacy skills.

Each story has a fully guided parent/teacher manual which "teaches the teacher" how to develop the child's skills. Over the last decade, more than one million children from more than 78 countries have since downloaded the program for use in homes, schools and organisations.

For more information on Teach the World to Read, go to http://www.teachtheworldtoread.com/

The program is available free of charge to aid agencies, charities, schools and communities working in developing regions to improve literacy standards. If you would like to apply to gain unlimited access to the program please contact us at info@worldliteracyfoundation.org with “Teach the World to Read” in the subject line.


Books Go Walkabout

Children, authors and stories across the world

Books Fo WalkaboutBooks Go Walkabout is an exciting new project in children’s literacy. Using technology children and authors speak together in real time. It’s full of opportunities across the world for children to explore books and literacy. Being able to connect directly with the author is truly inspirational for children and makes a great impact.

Children develop a real sense of other countries and the world becomes a smaller place. It will ignite some great readers of the future.


  • To bring a global dimension to children talking with authors and illustrators
  • To share books and stories across the world
  • To raise the level of children’s literacy
  • To use modern technology to span the world
  • To create exciting conversations
  • To share our world and breakdown  barriers and perceptions from Australia to the UK and places in between.

For more information visit www.booksgowalkabout.com


The program is available for schools, authors and organizations across the globe. Contact us if you would like to be part of a growing project.



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