A brief history

In 2003 the World Literacy Foundation was launched in Melbourne, Australia. The Foundation was built upon the firm beliefs that literacy provides the opportunity for people to break the shackles of poverty. The key aim was to provide direct educational support to those who needed it most, as well as advocating the literacy issue and how it continues to force millions of people into a poverty-stricken life.

Since its humble beginnings, the World Literacy Foundation has provided Literacy Resource Kits, books and learning tools to thousands of marginalised children throughout the globe. Thousands of volunteers, tutors and teachers have also been trained. Projects have reached marginalised children and adults in over thirty countries.

Today, we are a global organisation that is dedicated to promoting and enabling education through effective and evidence-based programs. We are working hard to provide the same education opportunities we take for granted in the developed world to those children in the poorest countries that need it most.

Our vision is for a world where every child has access to a free and quality education. At the World Literacy Foundation we are doing everything in our power to make this dream a reality.


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