Our Campaign/Spread the Word

Spread the word

One of the most important methods in improving education standards around the world is to spread the word on the importance of literacy, and advocate the fact that education is one of the most powerful tools for tackling poverty.

With the development of social networking it has never been easier to communicate your views and spread the word on what you are passionate about. With your help we want everyone to know about the importance of literacy and why it is simply not good enough that almost 800 million people around the world still cannot read or write.


How you can spread the word

Join us on Facebook! Facebook is our number one way of communicating with like minded people who care about global illiteracy. By simply liking our page, you can let all your friends know about the importance of literacy.



Tell others about our work and why it matters to you! You can write about it, blog about it, tweet about it, write a status update about it, talk about it- it’s up to you! World change starts with an educated society, so the more people that hear about the World Literacy Foundation and the fight for education for all, the better chance we have of making a really positive difference!

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