accessing literacy resourcesOne of the main causes of the literacy crisis is the lack of books and learning resources in schools and communities in developing regions. We implement a range of programs that aim to address this problem and provide schools with the vital resources they need to teach literacy sufficiently.

We provide a range of new and preloved books and resources for children and adult students to own and share within their community. We aim to encourage them to read and learn, and ultimately remain committed to education.

The material is carefully selected to reflect local culture, history and what might interest the children. Most of the children that receive books through this program have never before had their own books. It is truly moving to see the excitement and joy on the children’s faces when they receive their gifts.

The program recognises that an experience with books and learning material in early childhood is a key factor in literacy success. It encourages children to read and also inspires parents and carers to read with their children. Our distribution of reading and writing material is a very popular and effective program with both children and their families. We see the continued expansion of this program as the way forward for the World Literacy Foundation and the eradication of global illiteracy.


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