The World Literacy Foundation is proud to have the support of our global literacy ambassadors, who are all support out mission to eradicate illiteracy and conquer poverty.

2012 World Literacy Summit Youth Ambassador

Kelvin Mutugi

Kelvin Mutagi

Kelvin Mutugi speaking at the World Literacy Summit, 2012

I have loved education since I stepped into my first class at the age of three. I have loved it since I realised its ability to cure the curiosity in me. As a child I was as curious as I am today. I have seen the tragic effects of illiteracy in my rural home in Embu, Kenya. I want to empower rural Africa, improve its literacy and join in the development continuum. Let us remember that through literacy, poverty can be conquered.

Kelvin Mutugi was selected as the Ambassador for the inaugural World Literacy Summit. The 19 year old student from an African Leadership academy in Johannesburg, South Africa, was selected due to the impact literacy has had on his life and his proactive attitude he displayed in improving the standards of education in his home town of rural Kenya. Kelvin is currently interning in Kigali, Rwanda with the Education Development Centre (EDC) and submits regular diary entries for the World Literacy Foundation blog.


Celebrity supporters

Dame Helen Mirren

(Photo: Giles Keyte)

Dame Helen Mirren

Literacy opens many doors into a life of learning, imagination and job opportunities. I believe that every child should be given the opportunity to gain an education to shape a better future and lead a prosperous life. I am proud to support the World Literacy Foundation in their goal to help educate the disadvantaged in a bid to eradicate global illiteracy and conquer poverty.


Dame Helen Mirren is a highly acclaimed award-winning English actress. Her career spans across stage, screen and television. She was appointed a Dame of the British Empire in 2003.

Zoë Wanamaker

(Photo: Paul Grover)

Zoë Wanamaker

“Literacy is a big part of my life and I believe everyone should be given the chance to read and write. The World Literacy Foundation is providing a voice for the millions of children and adults who have not been given the opportunity to gain an education. I am proud to support the foundation and its goal to help others overcome poverty and improve literacy around the world.”


Zoë Wanamaker is an American born English actress. Her successful career spans across stage, screen and television.

Adele Parks


Adele Parks

The ability to read and write is the basis to all forms of learning and communication. I firmly believe that reading is a basic human right which many of us take for granted, a basic skill that we could not imagine life without. All children should be able pick up a book and read it from front to back; whether that is to glean vital information, to further their education or to escape into a world of pure imagination. I am proud to be a supporter of the World Literacy Foundation and am excited to join their fight to improve literacy standards and overcome poverty.


Adele Parks is an award winning writer from Teesside, NE England. She has a degree in English Language and Literature from Leister University. Since 2000 Adele has published 12 bestsellers and is translated into 25 languages.

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