WLF Grants Program

The WLF Grants Program provides funding to support schools and education facilities in the developing world. The WLF Grants Program seeks to provide assistance to pre-existing and newly established institutions that may require basic resources or material to aid the educational development of students. Through providing funding to support literacy-focused programs and projects we aim to build upon the literacy levels of students to create a quality learning environment.

The average size of each WLF grant is $500 US.


Processing of grants

The WLF approves an allocation of grant applications four times per calendar year. Due to the high level of grant applications that are received we are unable to reply to each applicant individually. All successful applicants will be notified by email.


Please note the Small Grant applications are currently closed. Please check back here soon for details on the next round of Small Grant applications.


Who can apply?

We encourage any schools, education institutions, or charitable organisations that are working to improve literacy standards in their local community to apply for a WLF small grant. Successful projects must show a level of sustainability, innovation and best practise in learning.


Terms and conditions

  1. Organisations must be able to show that the funds will be used for a school, facility or project related to literacy. The grants are not for personal use or research purposes.
  2. All successful applications will have answered all questions clearly stated on the application form. This includes stating two referees, a clear concise description of how the grant money will be used and to whom the grant will benefit.
  3. Successful applicants are obliged to send a photo of their students using the resources brought with the grant money for the use of the World Literacy Foundation, within 30 days of receiving the grant.
  4. Successful applicants will report on the success of their project in detail, 60 days after receiving the grant.
  5. If your organisation institution is successful, the grant will be sent via and International Bank Transfer or Western Union money transfer. All payments are made directly to the organisation. Thorough checks will be made to ensure the organisation is working to improve literacy standards in the local community.   Please ensure that before you apply you have a current bank account registered to the organisation or have a Western Union Money transfer available in your country. No payments will be made to individual accounts.


After you apply

Your application will be carefully reviewed by the World Literacy Foundation. Due to the high level of grant applications that are received we are unable to reply to each applicant individually. All references will be contacted to ensure legitimacy of the organisation or educational institution. All successful applicants will be notified by email after the closing date for each application period.

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