Rapid technological advancements are changing the landscape of literacy and education. By embracing this boom in we are able to reach more people than was possible ever before. We are also provided with a very cost-effective link to the global literacy community. 

Building Digital CommunitiesWe have found that students can acquire vital literacy and numeracy skills up to 40% more quickly when using a computer than without. Children around the world gravitate towards technology. If we can make learning entertaining and fun, it follows that children will be motivated to attend school and work hard.


We acknowledge that the future of education and learning is becoming more and more reliant on digital technology. Great efforts need to be made to ensure remote communities are not left behind. If we make effective use of the advantages created by new technologies, then we will have a crucial tool to help improve world literacy rates. Currently we support the distribution of two key digital products: Teach the World to Read and Budding Reader e-books. Click to learn more about these programs and to find out how your school or educational organisation can access these programs.

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