We have some fantastic partners, but we continue to need more as we expand. Here are ways your company can get involved:


Direct Donations

Your company can invest directly to support the World Literacy Foundation’s greatest needs or you can earmark the donation to a specific program. If you are interested in making a direct contribution to the World Literacy Foundation, please email info@worldliteracyfoundation.org for more information.


Foundation Support

You can suggest the World Literacy Foundation for corporate funding, or connect our staff to the right people within your company fundraising department. We are always looking to expand and diversify our funding base, and we would welcome introductions to any corporate foundation that is interested in supporting educational and social projects for those in need. Please contact us via email at info@worldliteracyfoundation.org for more information.



You can donate products or services to support the World Literacy Foundation. To donate other in-kind gifts, such as pre-loved children’s books, or computer software, contact info@worldliteracyfoundation.orgfor more information.


Cause-Related Marketing Promotions

You can donate a percentage of your company's product revenues to the World Literacy Foundation which can be beneficial to improve PR, increase sales and enhance brand loyalty. Of course we look to make sure that the alliance is strategic and mutually agreeable and we also ask that an agreement be signed that grants permission for the use of our name and logo. Should you be interested in a marketing affiliation with us, please contact info@worldliteracyfoundation.orgfor further information.



The World Literacy Foundation holds a number of events and is always in need of companies who would be willing to provide sponsorships to help underwrite their costs. For more information about sponsoring an event, please contact info@worldliteracyfoundation.org 


Corporate Fundraisers

Many individuals working in both small and large corporations have launched fundraising campaigns to support one of the World Literacy Foundation’s projects. Visit our programs page for more information on the projects you can support.


NGO and Implementing Partners

Partner organisations are an important strategic aspect of the World Literacy Foundation business model.  Working in collaboration with local NGOs, schools and community leaders helps us to build upon the strengths of existing work and also ensures long-term sustainability of our programs. Please email info@worldliteracyfoundation.orgfor more information.

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